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You can control things directly from your phone, and even set schedules for various connected items in your household (the hub i Set this up at going to Settings and scrolling down to “Set up your Household." (You can link your Echo to multiple Prime accounts, just make sure each person has the Echo app on his or her phone and joins the household; you can switch between profiles by saying, integration with Yelp, ask the Echo where you can find a Mexican restaurant or to find a local business, and she will give you top search results related to your question.

Additional suggestions and information will also pop up on your Alexa app.

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Problem is, you can't fit them all on the internal or removable storage on your Android phone. Let's find out what you need and, finally, how to get everything connected and safely disconnected again.

Not all Android phones support USB On-The-Go (OTG) functionality. (Free) Connecting USB flash storage to your Android phone is easy and cheap.

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In your car and realize you forgot to turn off your bedroom lights?

Wi Fi to 3G, 4G to 3G, no connection to 3G - you get the idea.