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But, as we were soon to discover, there is an extraordinary exhilaration and sense of freedom when you do away with your glad rags, be they Giorgio Armani or M&S.

The hotel with its idyllic beaches, gourmet restaurant and sea views from every room is linked by a causeway to a second more secluded island which has become an unofficial nudist retreat.

However, somewhat embarrassingly, I was the only person to arrive without clothes for an early morning Tai Chi class. Given that during the day I have let it all hang out, it hardly seems to matter - yet it does somehow.

Should you get bored with the novelty of acquiring an all-over tan, the area around is rich in ancient buildings, churches, beautiful countryside and there is even an archeological site at the resort.

Dr Knell challenged those scientists who back the theory that syphilis pre-dates Columbus' return to Europe to produce a molecular family tree for the bacteria, which is better than those currently used to show syphilis is more closely related to Old World treponema, than New World.'Or they should find a skeletal assemblage with a decent sample size of apparently syphilitic changes that would allow a better assessment of whether the changes observed were really caused by syphilis.'This evidence includes DNA sequencing studies that show that the bacterium which causes syphilis is most closely related to other, similar diseases in the New World, skeletal evidence showing syphilitic changes in large numbers of pre-Columbian skeletons in places like the Dominican Republic, and also the rather more circumstantial evidence regarding the changes in virulence caused by syphilis after it first appeared in Europe.

At least two people were injured in Croatia after a canister of tear gas was thrown into a club hosting a gay party.

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