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These images demonizing Germans were greatly troubling for the many Americans of Teutonic descent, and hastened their desire to assimilate.

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Maces have an ancestry reaching back millennia; they represent some of the earliest weapons made by man. Loos football (kicked forwards in the 'great push’ towards the German trenches in the Battle of Loos) 53.

They were useful in the war because of the need for stealth during raids on enemy lines, and rifles with fixed bayonets could not be wielded effectively in the trenches.

Each helmet is 100% original pre-1945 German issue.

All helmets that I salvage for parts are no longer collectible due to having been repainted or damaged in some other way) I generally have a stock of various parts in assorted sizes with assorted markings.These can still be found on public display Some are from private collections: others in national museums or local collections.