25-Jul-2017 17:59

8% of spins showed multiple people behind the camera.

One minute you're chatting via webcam with a mom of two from Montauk, N. -- and the next you're staring at a stark-naked man in Bangkok.

I used to hope I’d see him, in mirrorsor dark windows, in the webcam’s grainy green where I’d float, big-hairedin bad lighting and talk to strangers.

Ghost of my own design, was it yourgloved hands tracing out my spine the night I lied my way into the ER, hopingto be touched? You wear a beardor something bright, say, Come on, sunshine, take stock of what you have: the way teen athletes lift their jerseys,wipe their face but never drop their gazes;the recorded sound of inhalation before a song begins; or flight attendants, quiet in the aisles, to show you with their bodiesthe many ways you won’t be saved.

But a large number of them seem determined to expose themselves, or to entice others to do so -- and that is causing alarm among authorities and child protection advocates.

Chatroulette, they say, is a "predator's paradise." Though users of the site must confirm that they are at least 16 years old and that they agree not to broadcast obscene, offending or pornographic material, some legal experts -- including one who saw the dangers firsthand -- say those barriers can be easily bypassed and can connect children with sexual predators and child molesters.

Chat roulette is based on Flash and would work in any desktop browser supporting Flash Player.

Application tries to establish peer-2-peer connection with opponent and in case it is failed there will be connection with central streaming server.

I wrote about this interesting service that is the medical alternative of Chat Roulette months ago and as the only element of success for Heal Cam is the critical mass, this cross post might help them reach their aims.

One informal study published in March 2010 shows that nearly half of all Chatroulette "spins" connected a user with someone in the USA, while the next most likely country was France with 15%.